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Louisville, KY: Join Paid Clinical Trials and Make a Real Impact

Access Tomorrow’s Treatments Today and Get Paid for Participating

Looking to make a real impact in Louisville, KY? Join paid clinical trials and get compensated for participating in medical research studies.

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Benefits and Compensation

When you enroll in one of our paid research studies, you'll receive an attractive array of benefits, including:

  • Get paid for your valuable time and participation
  • Free medical exams, treatments, and health monitoring specific to the clinical research study
  • Early access to pioneering treatments and therapies before public release
  • Complimentary general medical checkups and evaluations
  • Take an active, empowered role in your healthcare
  • Gain deeper knowledge about your condition from our medical experts
  • Make a profound contribution to cutting-edge research
  • Help drive medical breakthroughs that could improve lives

At Santos Research Center, we aim to make participating in clinical trials as rewarding an experience as possible.

Benefits and Compensation

In addition to financial compensation, our robust benefits package provides high-quality care while allowing you to deliver an invaluable gift to the future of medicine.

Our Current Paid Studies

Alzheimer's Disease Studies

  • Phase 2 study for participants at risk of developing Alzheimer's symptoms as they get older. Receive compensation up to $1,500.
  • Phase 1 study testing an investigational medication to potentially delay Alzheimer's progression in those with memory/thinking problems. Compensation up to $2,000.

Migraine Study

  • Phase 2 study aimed at enhancing quality of life by eliminating migraine pain and discomfort. 3 visits, compensation up to $450.

COVID-19 Studies

  • Phase 2 study developing treatments and vaccines against COVID-19. 7 visits, compensation up to $1,500.
  • Phase 2 study on COVID-19 rebound after taking Paxlovid. Compensation up to $1,600.

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Study

  • Phase 2 interventional study for RSV infection. Compensation up to $700.

Traumatic Brain Injury Study

  • Phase 2 study on mild to severe traumatic brain injuries. Compensation up to $2,000.

Urinary Tract Infection Study

  • Phase 3 study assessing effective treatments for uncomplicated UTIs in older adults. Compensation up to $350.

All studies provide study-related visits with a physician at no cost to participants. No insurance is required.

If you or someone you know may qualify for these clinical studies, visit our website or call today to learn more about applying and potential compensation.

Join Paid Clinical Trials Today
Call today to learn more about our paid clinical trials in Louisville, KY!

Choose Santos Research Center For Paid Clinical Trials

Santos Research Center pioneers clinical research trials to advance healthcare. We uphold the highest ethical standards and exemplify excellence in research.

Collaborating with top pharmaceutical companies, we drive innovation across therapeutic areas. Our trials give you:

  • Early access to potential new treatments
  • A role in accelerating medical breakthroughs
  • Quality patient care from professionals

Shape the future of healthcare with Santos Research Center. Call (813) 249-9100 today.

Our Pledge: Ethics, Safety, and Respect for Participant Rights

At Santos Research Center, we take great pride in upholding the highest ethical standards, stringent safety protocols, and respect for the rights of all our clinical trial participants. Our pledge to you is built on three core principles:


We adhere to strict ethical guidelines that govern all aspects of our research. Our clinical studies undergo rigorous review to ensure they are designed and conducted with integrity, honesty, and the utmost moral correctness. Ethical practices are ingrained in our culture.


Participant safety is our top priority. We follow detailed safety protocols, closely monitor participants' well-being, and have robust policies and procedures to mitigate potential risks. Your health and security are what matter most.

Respect for Rights

We believe deeply in transparency and respecting the rights of our participants. You will be fully informed about all aspects of the trial, including risks and benefits. Your participation is as a volunteer, and participants can withdraw from the study at any time.

Trust is the foundation of our relationships with participants. We aim to create an environment of openness, care, and empowerment by prioritizing ethics, safety, and rights.

How to Get Started with Santos Research Center

Here's how to get started with a paid clinical trial at Santos Research Center:

Browse Our Current Studies

Visit our website at www.santosresearchcenter.com and view the list of clinical trials open for enrollment. This will allow you to see the specific study criteria and details to find studies that are right for you.

Apply Online

Once you find a study you may qualify for, complete the online application form with your contact information and health history. This allows our team to do a preliminary screening.

Phone Screening

If the initial screening looks promising, one of our staff members will call you to further evaluate your eligibility through a phone interview and questionnaire.

In-Person Screening

If you meet all the required criteria after the phone screening, we'll schedule you for an in-person visit at our clinic. This allows our staff to conduct any final evaluations and screenings to determine your eligibility before officially enrolling you in the clinical trial.


Once screening is complete and you are approved for a particular study, we will review all details of your participation, potential risks, and payment as part of our informed consent process. After reviewing everything, if you choose to participate, you'll be enrolled!

Don't wait - browse our open studies today at www.santosresearchcenter.com and apply online for clinical trials offering compensation. Our friendly staff is ready to guide you through every step of the process.

Join Paid Clinical Trials Today
Call today to learn more about our paid clinical trials in Louisville, KY!

Louisville, KY Paid Clinical Trials FAQ

What are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are research studies that evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new medical interventions such as drugs, devices, or treatment methods. Medical studies are crucial to advancing medical knowledge and bringing new therapies to patients.

Clinical trials occur in phases:

  • Phase 1: Tests a new drug or treatment in a small group for safety
  • Phase 2: Evaluates effectiveness and optimal dosing
  • Phase 3: Confirms efficacy in a larger patient population
  • Phase 4: Monitors long-term side effects after FDA approval

These carefully controlled studies generate the data required for regulatory agencies to approve new treatments.

Does it cost anything to participate in a clinical trial?

No, legitimate clinical trials like those at Santos Research Center never require participants to pay. Study-related medical care, investigational treatments, medical devices, tests, and physician visits are provided to participants - at no cost. Studies may also offer stipends for time and reimbursement for travel.

Why should I participate in paid clinical research?

  1. Access cutting-edge treatments before they are widely available
  2. Contribute to important medical advancements that could help millions
  3. Receive close monitoring and quality care from medical professionals
  4. Earn financial compensation for your time and travel

Things to do in Louisville, KY

Louisville is a city that blends culture, sports, food and drink into an entertaining mix of attractions. Whether you're a fan of bourbon, baseball, horse racing or just having a great time, there's something for everyone in Kentucky's largest city. Check out these top things to do in Louisville:

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

Go behind the scenes to witness the production of the iconic Louisville Slugger baseball bats used by major league players. The museum galleries let you hold bats swung by baseball legends and learn more about the sport's rich history.

Urban Bourbon Trail

As the birthplace of bourbon, Louisville has an entire trail dedicated to distilleries like Angel's Envy, Evan Williams, and others. Many offer tours, tastings, and the chance to learn about the art of crafting Kentucky's signature spirit.

Fourth Street Live!

This lively downtown district has concentrated the city's best restaurants, bars, clubs, and entertainment venues into one compact area. It frequently hosts live music, festivals, and summer concerts and makes for a vibrant night out.

Churchill Downs

Home of the legendary Kentucky Derby, this historic racetrack offers tours that take you into the racing surfaces, paddocks, and grandstands. Churchill Downs hosts live races, festivals, concerts, and an outdoor party atmosphere in the weeks leading up to the annual derby.

Louisville Mega Cavern

Explore the massive underground caverns by ziplining, hiking through caves, or riding the bike park carved directly into the limestone. Louisville Mega Cavern offers adventurous ways to experience Kentucky geology.

Neighborhoods in Louisville, KY

Downtown/West Main District

  • The historic downtown area with museums, distilleries, and entertainment like Fourth Street Live!
  • Home to Louisville Slugger Field (Louisville Bats minor league baseball), KFC Yum! Center arena, and more
  • Lively restaurant/bar scene with options like Milkwood and Proof on Main

The Highlands

  • Eclectic restaurants, bars, and shops line Bardstown Road and Baxter Avenue in this hip area
  • Highlights include Holy Grale beer hall, Ramsi's Café on the World, and the Original Highlands Taproom
  • The neighborhood's Cherokee Triangle has beautiful historic homes

St. Matthews

  • Suburban neighborhood with two major shopping areas - Mall St. Matthews and Oxmoor Center
  • Home to highly-rated restaurants like Jack Fry's, Pint's Brewhouse, and Le Relais French bistro
  • Also has the Louisville Indoor Raceway Park for go-karts and arcade games

NuLu (East Market District)

  • A trendy, artsy neighborhood known for its colorful murals, art galleries, and indie boutiques
  • Popular spots include Royals Hot Chicken, retailers like Mina and Etcetera Outfitters
  • Home to the Sundry & Vice garden bar/restaurant and Goodwood Brewing Company

Crescent Hill

  • Charming residential area with local shops and the Frankfort Avenue dining/nightlife corridor
  • Family-friendly with the Peterson-Dumesnil House museum and Crescent Hill Park & Pool
  • Top restaurants include Ramsi's Café, Over the 9 Bistro, and Volare Ristorante

Santos Research Center, Corp. is a research facility conducting paid clinical trials, in partnership with major pharmaceutical companies & CROs. We work with patients from across the Tampa Bay area.

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