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Types of Clinical Research

Clinical research is vital to the development of drugs, medical devices, and procedures. It is important to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of any medical intervention that could impact human health. Clinical research studies can be classified into the following categories, according to their purpose.

Treatment Research

This type of research is focused on newly discovered medical interventions that include medicines, devices, procedures, and treatment approaches.

Prevention Research

This type of research explores methods to prevent or reduce the risks of an illness developing, spreading, or returning.

Diagnostic Research

The researchers aim to gather more data on identifying a disease or medical condition.

Screening Research

The research aims to find ways of detecting an illness or health condition.

Quality of Life Research

People suffering from comorbidities and chronic diseases are the subjects of this research. The researchers’ goal is to discover interventions that improve the quality of life of these patients.

Genetic Studies

This type of research focuses on the correlation between genes and diseases to help identify and screen for certain disorders or medical conditions.

Epidemiological Studies

The researcher investigates the causes, control, distribution, and frequency of diseases in a certain population.


At Santos Research Center, we have completed over 400 clinical trials. We use efficient and reliable systems to plan and manage quality scientific studies.

For more information about our ongoing clinical research, you may visit us at www.santosresearch.com. If you are interested in participating in our paid clinical trials, call us at (813) 249-9100.

Santos Research Center, Corp. is a research facility conducting paid clinical trials, in partnership with major pharmaceutical companies & CROs. We work with patients from across the Tampa Bay area.

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