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What Causes Migraine?

A migraine headache is an intense, debilitating pain that occurs at any time of the day and lasts for hours or even days. The pain usually begins on the forehead and then eventually spreads over one side of the head.

Common symptoms of migraine include vomiting, nausea, blurred vision, dizziness and sensitivity to light and sound. These can prevent a person from performing daily tasks and physical activities.

Common Migraine Triggers

    • 1. Dietary Changes

      Skipping meals, dehydration, and unhealthy foods all contribute to triggering migraines. Avoid consuming foods that contain many preservatives and additives. Also, limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol.

    • 2. Stress

      Having anxiety, facing pressure at home and work, or getting too emotional are some of the triggers that can stimulate your migraine due to physical and emotional stress.

    • 3. Sensory Hypersensitivity

      Severe headaches can be caused by sensitivity in your visual, auditory and olfactory receptors. Migraines can be triggered by smelling perfumes or paint, being sensitive to lights, or hearing loud noises.

    • 4. Hormonal Changes

      Many women have migraines due to hormonal changes. The change in estrogen levels before and during menstruation can trigger a migraine. This also occurs in pregnant and menopausal women.


Although there is no cure for migraines, there are medicines to prevent symptoms from worsening. Further research and clinical trials are necessary to develop more effective treatments for this painful condition.


Are you interested in helping develop scientific knowledge and treatments for migraines? Santos Research Center in Tampa Bay conducts paid medical trials for patients with migraines. For more information, call us at (813) 249-9100 or visit www.santosresearch.com.

Santos Research Center, Corp. is a research facility conducting paid clinical trials, in partnership with major pharmaceutical companies & CROs. We work with patients from across the Tampa Bay area.

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