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Why Clinical Trials Are Important

As defined by the World Health Organization, clinical trials are studies conducted to evaluate if newly discovered healthcare-related interventions are safe and effective for human health and well-being. Researchers must carefully design, critically analyze, and closely review all proposed research so that it can be approved for  clinical trials with participants who have medical conditions related to the study.

Importance of Clinical Trials

  • Assess Newly-developed Treatments

The process of clinical trials enables experts to identify and weigh the benefits and side-effects of any form of treatment such as drugs, devices, and medical procedures.

  • Provide Access to the Latest Medical Interventions

Participating in clinical trials gives you the opportunity to get the latest medical interventions available. Clinical trials help people with chronic illnesses and other untreated health conditions to find solutions and improve their quality of life. The goal is to bring the best possible treatments to every patient.

  • Determine Additional Benefits of Existing Treatments

Part of the goal of many clinical trials is to use existing treatments that can be tested for other diseases. Some interventions are already approved and considered safe for medical use for one particular disease. These proven treatments can potentially benefit other patients with a different condition. In these cases, clinical trials and further studies are needed for testing and evaluation.


Clinical trials help discover and evaluate new medical treatments that can improve outcomes for patients.


Are you interested in participating in paid clinical trials? Call Santos Research Center at (813) 249-9100 or visit www.santosresearch.com for more information.

Santos Research Center, Corp. is a research facility conducting paid clinical trials, in partnership with major pharmaceutical companies & CROs. We work with patients from across the Tampa Bay area.

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